Walked home from soccer…early. Why early?

Well, the refs (only 2 of them, not the three as required) were so bad that I opted to throw myself out midway through the 2nd half. Someone yelled at the “head ref” after he made probably the 10th horrible call of the night, most of them his and most from 30-70 yards off the ball, so he stopped the match and marched over to the stands demanding that whoever said “it” leave the premesis. A woman in the stands below me asked what was said and by whom; his response was “I don’t know what was said and I don’t care who said it, but we’re not going to start again until they leave”.

So I did. I wasn’t the person who yelled and caught his attention (because honestly I thought he had finally made a decent call, but that was before I learned he called STC’s offense for a foul that was clearly on the defense!) but I’d frankly seen enough of the “circus” so I opted to leave on my own. A few other STC fans joined me.

I’m told the opposing team’s fans applauded when we left. Real classy folks. I’ve seen a lot of soccer over the years, never have I seen a match called so poorly and so consistently one-sided.

Weather: Coudy and 65° Fahrenheit with a light breeze.