2022-11-05_1:05pm - Pike Powder Hike - GC3B1 - Wisconsin's Oldest Active Geocache

So, this was our (me and gossamar) legitimate approach to GC3B1 and as you might be able to see, the trail maps on my iPhone were woefully inaccurate. The route out was much better than the one we took going in, and the rain even let up shortly after we reached the summit and cache. Picked up TWO state’s oldest caches, so not a bad weekend in spite of the rain and wind and cold. The day started out windy and damp with temperatures in the low 70’s, but ended windy and soaking wet with temperatures, for me, in the upper 30’s.

Weather: Raining off and on, mostly ON, and between 60 to 50° Fahrenheit with but the wind was wicked strong throughout!