2023-07-27_8:51am - My Only RAGBRAI Track Log

So, RAGBRAI rolled into Tama-Toledo on this date and in the end I wound up riding 46 miles around town on the day, but this is the only track log I captured. 8^( It was very hot and humid, and I sweat so much that I couldn’t control my Apple Watch to turn tracking on and off after this ride.

I spent much of the morning placing signs for showers around town (part of this track log) and the rest of the day helping people find things. I had a blast, but got badly dehydrated in spite of drinking more than 3 gallons of water and tea. My bike battery overheated so I had to manually pedal near the end (no fun) and my eyes got so dry that my contact lenses were “stuck on” rendering me almost unable to see.

Leg cramps kept me awake until almost 3 AM, then the riders were up and heading out by 5 AM. Thankfully I did get some good sleep the next day!

Weather: Humid and 90° Fahrenheit with a nice breeze. Max heat index on the day was around 110°.