2022-02-20_4:56pm - 20th Geocache Anniversary

20 years ago on this date I traversed a similar path to find and log my first geocache. On that day 20 years ago my three kids, my dad, my sister, and her husband were all along for the journey. Today’s visit was a melancholy solo effort.

So much has changed since that February day in 2002. The trail here is much nicer than it was, the forest diminished significantly by three (maybe more) derecho winds, and a horrific EF-3 tornado. The most noticable difference for me… three members of our original search party have passed, far too soon. I dearly wish that my father, Delmar McFate, my sister, Marlene McFate Burkheimer, and my son, Ian, had been able to return here with me today. 😢 I miss them every day, and especially so on days like this.

See https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GCC66 for more details.

Weather: Sunny and 55° Fahrenheit with a crisp breeze.