2021-03-12_10:04am - With Trash Statistics

I’m highlighting this Green route only as an example of what to expect in the future.

I usually walk with my small “scurry” of friends. Note that “scurry” is a term that Grinnell College also uses to identify small groups of students who collectively “isolate” (maintain strict physical distance) from others.

When the weather cooperates we typically pick up trash and recyclables that we find along the way. This morning’s “scurry” walk around Cherry Lake was our first real opportunity of 2021 to resume picking up trash.

In this and future “hikes”, I’ll try to keep, and report, a record of:

That information should normally appear BELOW this text and/or map with a nice green border. Why green? Did you really have to ask?

Trash Statistics:

Bags of trash collected: 1.5
Weight of trash collected, in pounds: 5.25
Number of $0.05 recyclables collected: 5